Thinking of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) project?

Starting May 27, 2024, all local utilities will follow a streamlined process for EV charging connections making it easier to set up new charging stations and support the adoption of electric vehicles in Ontario.

Form required: EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR). This form is intended for use by customers that have flexibility in where they can install their planned EVSE.

Who should proceed with this form?

For non-residential applications.

Filling out the form

Download the form below, complete and submit the EVPCIR via email to

EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR)


This Appendix outlines distributor-specific requirements pertaining to the EVCCP, as it relates to DSC requirements.

Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. (GSHI) Specific Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Requirements

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