Cressey Substation

Greater Sudbury Hydro is committed to continually modernizing and upgrading the local distribution system to better serve you, our customer.

As part of our Distribution System Plan Capital program for 2021, we will be renewing the 70-year old Cressey Substation, located between Cressey Street and Haig Street, off the end of Buchanan Street.  We will be installing two new transformers to increase capacity, adding new controls to enable more remote operation now and in the future, and will replace the overhead structure with pad-mounted equipment. The familiar building, commissioned in 1951, is solid and will remain in place, however the facility will be upgraded to adhere to modern standards and clearance requirements.  These changes will improve the reliability and resilience of the distribution system in the entire West End/ Gatchell area of Greater Sudbury.

Distribution System Capital Plan

This project is part of a multi-year Distribution System Capital Plan which began in 2018 with the renovation of the Kathleen Substation, and includes an extensive power line and transformer conversion component, modernizing the current 4kV configuration to 12kV.  While some preparatory work has been done during the 2020 construction season, decommissioning on site is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2021 and to be completed by November 30, 2021.


Project Timeline

October 2020

Engineering Services Award Date

November 2020

Preliminary Design

February 2021

Detailed Design Completion

May 2021

Construction Start Date

November 2021

Proposed Completion Date

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