Long Lake Area Project

Line Relocation Capital Build Project

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 work restrictions, this project is temporarily on hold with the new start date yet to be determined.

Greater Sudbury Hydro is committed to continually modernizing and upgrading the local distribution system to better serve you, our customer. You are receiving this letter because we will be working near your property over the coming months.

You may notice our crews in your neighborhood as we remove a very old, difficult-to-access pole line which runs through the bush, move a 3-phase line to the west side of Long Lake Road, and make some other necessary changes and upgrades along both Sunnyside Road and Edgewater Road.

There may be traffic disruptions due to the construction, some heavy truck traffic in the area, possible noise and dust due to rock drilling, which may be necessary to place new poles. We will also have a contractor doing some tree trimming early in the season before birds can nest or leaves emerge.
Work will be conducted during regular daytime construction hours on weekdays only. There will be some minor power interruptions, however they will be clustered to minimize the inconvenience, and you will receive advance notice. Any damage to your yard from to this work will be restored as soon as is reasonably practicable.

This project will improve the system reliability as we replace aging infrastructure and reduce the likelihood of unplanned outages by removing the old power line currently running through the forest. In the event of a future unplanned outage, the improvements will allow for easier, faster, and safer access to the power lines, resulting in quicker restoration times.
This is a significant project with a budget of approximately $420,000 which is already approved in this year’s capital expenditure budget.
We have a Google map of the project’s phases available below, showing the areas in which this work will be happening. If you wish to comment on the project please use the form below for your questions and/or feedback.
All comments will be reviewed, and referred to the appropriate person.
If a response is required, you will be contacted directly.

Kind regards—

Engineering Department
Greater Sudbury Hydro

If you would like to receive important information like this via email in the future, please contact our customer service department and ask to add your email address to your account information. customerservice@gsuinc.ca or (705) 675-7536.


Project Timeline

Due to COVID-19 work restrictions, this project was split into two parts. The Long Lake Road portion is complete.

The Sunnyside, Pearson and Edgewater portions will begin at a future date.


Phase 1

Moving a 3-phase line from East side of Long Lake Road to West side.

Phase 2

Rebuilding the pole line along Sunnyside Road, adding a 3-phase line, and connecting to existing 3-phase line at the Luoma/Sunnyside intersection.

Phase 3

Removing 3-phase line and changing to single-phase, maintaining most of the existing pole line along both Edgewater Road and Pearson Road.

Phase 4

Removing old pole line which runs through bush from Edgewater to Long Lake Road.

Project Site Map

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