Long Lake Road 2020 Project

Line Relocation Capital Build Project


Project Timeline

Due to COVID-19 work restrictions, this project was split into two parts. The Long Lake Road portion is complete.

The Sunnyside, Pearson and Edgewater portions are expected to start June 8th.


Phase 1

Moving a 3-phase line from East side of Long Lake Road to West side.

Phase 2

Rebuilding the pole line along Sunnyside Road, adding a 3-phase line, and connecting to existing 3-phase line at the Luoma/Sunnyside intersection.

Phase 3

Removing 3-phase line and changing to single-phase, maintaining most of the existing pole line along both Edgewater Road and Pearson Road.

Phase 4

Removing old pole line which runs through bush from Edgewater to Long Lake Road.

Project Site Map

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