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Time of Use








May 1 – October 31 (Weekdays)


and Statutory Holidays


November 1 – April 30 (Weekdays)

Reasons for Higher and Lower Prices

Time-of-use electricity prices are like many cell phone rates, which are cheapest when demand is lowest: during the evenings, on weekends, and holidays.

In Ontario, when demand is lower, most of the power we use comes from sources like nuclear generators and large hydroelectric stations which are designed to run all the time. This is called “baseload” power.

During the daytime, demand goes up as more people are using electricity, i.e. turning on lights and using appliances, and businesses are open for operation during the workday. These are high demand times, and if all of the baseload power is used, the province turns to generally higher-cost sources. These sources, such as natural gas-fired plants, can be quickly called into action to meet rising demand. Other kinds of renewables such as solar and wind contribute to our power needs when they are available.

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GSH Electricity Rates & Charges, effective May 1, 2019