Smart Microgrid Project

The electricity industry is at an interesting crossroads right now, as more people and businesses begin to produce their own energy from renewable sources like solar panels, windmills, and various other methods.

The challenge facing utilities is not only the issue of storage, but also the potential impact that a flood of distributed generation might have on a system designed to push power out, not to take power in. While there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Opportunities to learn, to prepare our distribution grid for the increase in consumer generation we expect will come, to help customers improve their systems and practices to lower consumption, costs, and their environmental footprint. This Smart Microgrid we’ve created at Science North will also give Greater Sudbury Hydro an additional resource to draw upon, if needed, to stabilize the grid in an emergent situation.

Greater Sudbury Hydro is proud to be involved in this Smart Grid Fund Project.  While we see an opportunity to learn, we also see a real opportunity to teach, because no one is better than Science North at taking complicated ideas and making them easily understood by all!


The Smart Microgrid Project was funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Energy under the Smart Grid Fund (SGF). The Smart Microgrid project will integrate solar-generated (PV panels) energy, an advanced Energy Storage System (large-format battery), Science North’s Building Energy Management System, and automated data analytics with the Greater Sudbury Hydro distribution grid. The project gives the science centre greater influence over energy control, consumption, and conservation.

This innovative project is a partnership between Greater Sudbury Hydro,  eCAMION Inc., a Canadian company which develops and manufactures large-scale Energy Storage Systems, grid automation company Opus One Solutions, and demonstration site host Science North, Canada’s second largest science centre and most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ontario.

“This project will keep Sudbury and Science North on the cutting edge. It’s fantastic to see the level of collaboration demonstrated with this announcement, and I’m proud the Ministry of Energy could be involved. It’s innovative work like this smart (micro)grid that will continue to drive down carbon emissions and consumer costs in Ontario,” said Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy and Member of Provincial Parliament for Sudbury.


SmartGrid Fund Project




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