Green Energy

Green Energy, Renewable Energy, Net Metering, Photo-Voltaic, Solar, Bio-Generation, Wind, Direct Generation — There are so many buzz words out there right now when it comes to energy alternatives, and that will increase as more options enter the marketplace.

Greater Sudbury Hydro is more than your portal to the world of alternative generation; we’re your facilitator when it comes to accessing information about what’s available, and we’ll help you complete forms and apply to IESO programs.

If you have questions about Distributed Generation, call us at (705) 675-7536. 


Downloable Forms

Micro-Embedded Facility Connection Agreement

Small / Mid-Size Embedded Generation Connection Agreement

Distributed Generation Impact Assessment

Connect microFIT Application

Available Generation Capacity by Distribution Feeder

Available Generation Capacity by Sub-Transmission Feeder

GSH List of Applications

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