Capreol Substation Rebuild Project

A 1.6 Million Investment in the Capreol

Completed on time and under budget.
We’re investing in a Greater Sudbury!


  • Why is the Capreol Substation being updated?
    • The Capreol Substation went into service in the late 1950’s. Over the past 60+ years, technology has changed, the distribution system has new challenges, and it’s time to replace the old equipment with new and prepare for the future. It’s time to upgrade this equipment as it approaches “end of life”...but before it fails.
  • What is going to be updated?
    • We will be replacing “end of life” infrastructure with a combination of overhead and underground equipment.
    • The current instrumentation shed is in good shape so we will reuse that building, however, we will be replacing transformers, switches and other equipment as we also add capacity.
    • We will be rebuilding the existing overhead power line.
    • The updates will improve the reliability of the distribution system in Capreol.
  • How will this renewal affect my neighbourhood?
    • After completion, the Capreol substation will have improved reliability and continue to provide safe, dependable power.
      You will also notice some external physical changes to the existing substation:

      • Overhead infrastructure on the property will be reduced
      • Installation of safe, pad-mounted equipment
      • A new fence will be installed using the same footprint of the existing fence.
    • During the 2019 construction season, neighbours in the immediate area of the substation will notice some signage added to the existing fence, which will remain as a construction barrier. Throughout the construction period, you may see an increase in heavy truck traffic.
  • When will I notice things happening?
    • We still have a significant amount of “ready-work” to do.
      We will try to minimize power interruptions as much possible, but they may be necessary from time to time to safely proceed with the upgrades.

      • To help minimize those interruptions, we will move a Mobile Substation into place near the end of May.
      • Construction on the site will begin in June.
  • When will the project be completed?
    • The project is expected to be completed by end of 2019, with all new equipment in service and functioning by that time.
  • How many customers will be affected?
    • Over 1500 customers, both business and residential, receive electricity which flows through the Capreol Substation. Some may experience an interruption while the renewal project is underway.
  • How much will the project cost?
    • Modernization of the 60+ year old Capreol Substation is projected to cost roughly $1.6 million. This project is part of our regular annual capital budget and is already part of our distribution rate structure.
  • Will the new transformers be noisy?
    • No. As a matter of fact, the new equipment will be quieter than what is currently in place.

Project Timeline

  • MAY 2019
    • A mobile substation will be in place on-site.
  • JUNE 2019
    • Construction begins.
  • DECEMBER 2019
    • Equipment updated and functioning.

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