Electricity and Natural Gas Utility Yearbooks

Yearbooks provide a detailed look at the entire natural gas and electricity distribution systems in Ontario for a specific year, starting with 2005.

They are packed with data – ranging from financials and operating information to reliability and customer service statistics. You can find out the following, and more:

  • The frequency of interruptions to electricity supply by a variety of causes, including adverse weather and scheduled outages
  • The total number of Ontario natural gas customers and the total volume of gas they used in 2015
  • Operating and maintenance expenses for electricity and gas utilities this year, and in previous years
  • Financial data for each of the province’s electricity and natural gas utilities
  • The number of days electricity and natural gas utilities take to reconnect a customer
  • And unusual events like, the one-time effect the December, 2013 ice storm had on electricity distribution reliability

View yearbooks here.